Enthusiast Master Electrician

1409 I-30 Frontage Rd, Arlington, TX 76011

Make It Swift!

Did you know that delay can be costly when it comes to electricity? As such, it's in your best interest to hire an electrical shop that is completely reliable in all emergencies. In this regard, Enthusiast Master Electrician is the model example, having been in the field long enough to have gained the trust of this community. We are also synonymous with quality solutions across the field. So, you may count on us to handle emergencies swiftly yet ideally.

Business Hours

Our services are accessible at any time from 12am to 12pm everyday.

Service Area

This residential electrical workshop is at your reach in Arlington, and our engineers provide standby expertise across Tarrant County and its surroundings.

Our Services

Our workshop offers various electrical operations, some of which are outlet repair, power restoration, electrical panel upgrade, and circuit breaker installation. Similarly, you can hire us for electrical wiring, light fixture installation, ceiling fan installation, motion sensor lighting, light switch repair, and other residential/commercial services.

Year Established: 2018